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Carousel Party Trailer

You haven't seen a carousel until you've seen OUR Carousel Party Trailer!!!

Custom designed, our carousel has three rides on a 24 foot long trailer covered with a bold red & white striped top and is lit for night use. And YES...YOU GET THE WHOLE THING! The three rides include a 3-child carousel, one single horse - Thunder and a 3-child Kentucky Derby. They are all electrically operated, on timers, and have met all safety codes. The carousel party trailer will accomodate up to 7 children at a time. (And it has been known to ride a few adults too!)

The carousel party trailer from a nice side view. The rides are hidden behind the safety rails. Hold on Ashley & Adam!

This is an inside shot towards the back. Seen here is the Kentucky Derby, Carousel and Thunder.

Kelly is posing on Thunder. Nice smile!

Kelly and Ashley pose on their favorite horses on the Kentucky Derby.Which one is your favorite?

Hey Mister, throw me something!!! We've been honored with being Grela's Kiddie Land. Seen here all decked out for Mardi Gras Day!!

The carousel party trailer rents by the day to give you the maximum party fun! Call for prices.


Written by: Jeanie Woolledge
Riverside Amusements
Last updated: August 13, 2018