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Inflatable Bugsy the Caterpillar

Come on in Bugsy the Caterpillar for an adventure you won't soon forget!

Bugsy is a 40 foot inflatable with obstacles inside before you reach the 7 foot slide in the rear! There's also clear port holes on the side so you can watch your child play inside!

Then...it's up and out you go!

Now...where is that child of mine?

There has been many a challenge as the kids climb into the caterpillar's mouth! We promiseit won't eat them!

Our caterpillar is seen here at the annual Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival in Morgan City, LA. Each year the children find new adventures in the children's village.

Here's a nice shot of the caterpillar inside the children's village next to Cinderella's Castle.

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Written by: Jeanie Woolledge
Riverside Amusements
Last updated: August 13, 2018