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Party Ideas

Does the thought of planning a party just make you want to run...run...run?!?

Here's some ideas that will make your next party fun...fun...fun!

1. Decide what type of party experience and atmosphere you want to have.

2. Plan your party decorations and entertainment around that vision.

3. Consider a 'themed party'. Co-ordinate invitations, decorations, party supplies and entertainment around this theme. This will add to your total party atmosphere.

4. Balloon decorations is both a personalized and customized service that will 'WOW' your children and guests. Balloons offer color and excitement to your event.

5. Keeping the kids busy at the party will free up the adults so both can have a pleasurable time.

6. Always consider the ages and number of the kids that will be at the party.

*** If there is a wide range of ages or many kids, more than one amusement rental is better so all children will have something to keep them busy.

7. The musical trackless train is a blast for the adults as well as the children.

8. Schedule your party around naptimes and cooler times of the day during the summer.

9. When selecting a company, ask important questions. Ask: Are they licensed, insured, how long have they been in business and what are some of their safety policies. Also, check out other companies they have done work for.

10. Compare not only by prices but by service, quality, safety and cleanliness. Often... you get what you pay for.

11. Remember... your kids will grow up before you know it. These party experiences will leave lasting impressions on their minds as well as your family and friends.

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Written by: Jeanie Woolledge
Riverside Amusements
Last updated: August 13, 2018