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Space Walks


In the bed...on the couch...in the pool...on the trampoline...and...in SPACE WALKS

You may call them jumpy things, jumping bags, air bags, spacewalkers, bounce houses, moonwalks, jumpers...but whatever you call them...CALL US to findthem!

Our most POPULAR spacewalk!!Known as the Red, White & Blue spacewalk. Available in 2 sizes: 13 x 13 and 15 x 15. Available with or without the clown smiley face.

Our NEWEST spacewalk!! Princess spacewalk.

Our NEWEST spacewalk!! Prince spacewalk.

You can call him BARNEY! But we have to call him 'The purple DINO'!!
Available in 14 x 14 size.

Our Toddler-sized spacewalk is perfect for your little tots! 8 ft. is a spacewalk and 4 ft. is a ball pond.

All spacewalks rent by the day. Call for prices.


Written by: Jeanie Woolledge
Riverside Amusements
Last updated: August 13, 2018