Riverside Amusements

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Musical Trackless Train

All aboard!Take a ride on the wild side! Ride the RIVERSIDE EXPRESS!!!

Our Musical Trackless Train is custom designed to represent New Orleans! Pulled with 3 cars, it will accomodate up to 24 children or less if grown-up kids want to ride! We play Disney music and wake up your neighborhood with our train whistles and bells. If you don't know your neighbors now, you will once we leave!

Each car is designed with a river connecting them. They also reflect local flavor with seafood and alligators. The gold stars along the river represent towns around New Orleans. The blue car represents the Eastbank, Northshore and New Orleans towns. The yellow car represents the Wesbank towns and the red caboose car represents Plaquemines Parish towns.

On the rear of each car you'll find our nice train logo.

Our train conductor, Dave. You gotta love him! He has more fun than the kids! But...take my advice...don't ride in the last car unless you want a wild experience! He's been known to spill a few drinks!

All loaded and ready to go!

Why...we'll ride just about anyone!

Hey! Wanna Ride?

The Riverside Express becomes a shuttle for the Lafitte Seafood Festival!

The Riverside Express becomes the Orient Express!

The Riverside Express follows the Each One Save Once race through the French Quarter.

Hey, Mr. Train Man, can we stop at Cafe Du Monde for some cafe au lait and beignets?

Hey, horses! I bet we're having more fun than you!

OK, so now we're tacky tourists!

The musical trackless train rents by the hour. Call for prices.


Written by: Jeanie Woolledge
Riverside Amusements
Last updated: August 13, 2018